Secretary Message

Our aim is complete commitment for cultivating an appreciation for diverse cultures and experiences by providing knowledge that is essential for life.

It is the dream of each and every parent that their child gets the best,contemporary and quality education to meet the challenges of tomorrow.Our schools have fulfilled every such commitment by empowering every child who has entered its portal,with courage of conviction and strength of character to tide over the trials and tribulations of life.

Our schools aim to provide a nurturing , learning environment to enable students to become responsible citizens, life long learners and good communicators through a challenging curriculum.The well researched , project based international learning methodology of school is designed to prepare students to excel in the world's finest schools and universities.

One of the strength s of the schools lies in its size and family atmosphere. Pupils are able to develop strong relationship with their colleagues and friendship formed at school tend to continue well into adult life.This sense of community is further enhanced by the overwhelming sense of responsibility and dedication of educators to the intellectual, spiritual and emotional welfare of pupils.

We are committed to creating a generation of confident and educated students who will become beacon-like figure in our society.We hope that their experience with us assists them in becoming suitable ambassadors, with a feeling of unity and sense of service to our community.

S. Dr.Roop Singh

Secretary Education
S.G.P.C. Sri Amritsar